Tucked away in the lap of the Himalayas, Manali has a plethora of amazing sites to discover. One of the best places to visit in Manali is Rohtang Pass, which offers breathtaking views of the snow-capped peaks and thrilling adventures. Solang Valley is enticed with its breathtaking scenery and skiing and paragliding chances.

Surrounded by rich cedar forests, the peaceful Hadimba Temple is a great place to unwind. With its diverse animals and breathtaking scenery, the Manali Sanctuary is a refuge for nature enthusiasts. Don't pass up the opportunity to explore the charming, locally-infused villages of Old Manali and Vashisht.

Stay at one of the posh hotels with top-notch amenities and attentive service for a genuinely decadent experience. As an alternative, tourists on a tight budget may choose reasonably priced places to stay in Manali, such as homestays or guesthouses, which offer a cozy and friendly environment.

Apart from its breathtaking scenery, Manali is well-known for its lively culture and extensive history. Enjoy the peace of the area by taking a stroll along the Beas River's banks. Discover the legendary significance of the area by visiting the Manu Temple, which is devoted to the sage Manu.

Manali has different places to visit that will grab your senses and leave you mesmerized, regardless of your hobbies.
Solang Valley
When heading to Manali for a vacation, two absolutely essential destinations in the itinerary are Rohtang and Solang Valley. 14 kilometres to the north west of the main town of Manali, Solang Valley is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh.
Situated on the way to Rohtang from Manali, every year the valley welcomes tourists in huge numbers. A favourite for adventure enthusiasts, parachuting to paragliding, horse riding to driving mini-open jeeps specially available for tourists of all age groups, Solang Valley has it all.
Rohtang Pass
When planning a trip to Manali, a day off to the vista point of Rohtang Pass is the ultimate and almost essential attraction of the itinerary. Located at a distance of just 51 kilometres from the main town, Rohtang Pass can be reached only by road. The pass is located at a massive height of 3978 metres, the way up the hills is a treat to the eyes.
As the vehicle climbs higher on the Manali- Keylong road, the beauty of the landscape around will leave you awestruck. A peculiar fact behind the name of the place is that it was named so because a number of people working in CBRE died whilst trying to cross this treacherous stretch.
Beas Kund Trek
Other than being famous a tourist destination, Manali is also the way to one of the most undertaken treks - the Beas Kund Trek. This trek is a perfect weekend getaway plan which takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.
Get a chance to feast your eyes on the outstanding views of Pir Pinjal mountain ranges over the Beas river, let your soul get wooed by the spectacular meadows of Dhundi and Bakarthach and finally, the glacial lake at Beas Kund which is worth all the hiking.
The hillside town of Manali is famous for paragliding. At 2050 metres above sea level, it is an ultimate location for the sport, with its beautiful green valleys, stark blue skies, and snow-capped mountain peaks.
The picture-perfect valley boasts of ideal wind conditions for paragliding and is thronged by both international and domestic tourists. Starting with a basic training course, the operators are well organized, competent and trustworthy.
Hadimba Temple
Located amidst the snow-covered hills of Manali, the Hadimba Temple is a unique shrine dedicated to Hidimba Devi, who was the wife of Bhima and mother of Ghatothkach. Surrounded by gorgeous cedar forests, this beautiful shrine is built on a rock which is believed to be in the image of goddess Hidimba herself.
The construction style of the Hidimba Devi temple is entirely different from that of any of the other temples, with its wooden doorways, walls, and cone-shaped roof. This temple is a fitting dedication to its presiding deity Hadimba.
Chandratal Baralacha Trek
Chandratal Baralacha is a perfect trek destination steeped with all the right elements - nature's beauty and enough challenges to be thrilling and tranquillity. Perched at an altitude of 4,300 meters, Chandratal is one of the high altitude lakes in the Himalayan region. Located on the Samudra Plateau of Spiti Valley, the most delightful sight of sunset gleaming upon the turquoise waters of the lake, pristine landscape, mountain passes, several gushing streams, verdant meadows, the gush of colourful orchards and exotic wildlife make Chandratal Baralacha Trek an unforgotten experience to cherish forever.